coisas que tenho escrito

10 May 2010

Making way between two forests
the one of the Poet, where everything is more beautiful
the one of the Present, where you understand everything.
Building a herbarium of my inside
every new page is a labour more painful than predicted

Careful work of the senses that makes no sense.
This is a craft I didnt choose.
This is me, the caligraphy of myself.


I am bigger than the universe. I want to be bigger than myself. I want to fight with other people and chew away their hearts. I want to lull our baby to sleep and hear you whisper a tune. I want to dissolve in water and flow far away from me and you. I want to be inside you. I love you. I will never leave. I want to be everything and everyone at the same time. I dont want to live. I want to be consumed like a match. I want to burn all night long.

I am big like a sphere I never end.

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