two days in milano

16 January 2017

A belated birthday present brought us to Milano. A surprise weekend trip to a city I never thought much of...

And how good is to have no expectations? I enjoyed Milano quite a lot!

Mostly we wandered, admired the architecture and watched life go by in this very stylish city. 

Yes, this style is not my style and represents a luxury I do not agree with, but from an outsider point of view it was quite interesting to watch so many impeccable tailored suits and big fur jackets. In two short days I saw a city that loves to look good. 

That was the surface, I wonder what lies beneath..


mirta said...

I lived in that city for 10 years. It was complicated, messy and not particularly pretty. So distant from what I am. I felt out of place most of the time. But with time I've learnt to love some parts of it. the older, not so central areas, like the canals that I came to call home. I enjoyed the cultural life and quite miss it now that I live in a small village. In Milan if you like exhibitions, movies, music or theatre there is always something to do. the markets were another of my fave things.
yes, there is quite a lot more behind the style and such, but you need a local guide to see it.

uva trincada said...

Dear Mirta, I am sure there was so much more to see, city trips without locals always barely scratch the surface.. may there be a second visit with more time and perhaps a visit to your lake ;)