14 June 2017

it's been 4 years in the making and for a long time it felt like it couldn't come any sooner. but now, months and weeks are flashing by and very soon we will embark on a big adventure.

coming september we will start a journey through asia. we begin in moscow where we'll take the train to mongolia, then china, after that japan, back to china into south east asia and so on..

we will be on a serious budget and we plan to work/volunteer most of the way. we're planning to stay mostly in the country side, helping with construction and growing food. ''we'' are me, my boyfriend djordje and our friends luana and dennis - so this is an adventure with four!
these last years there's been a mixture of emotions - from fear to extreme happiness and anticipation, but the closer it gets the calmer i get. planning the trip has helped me a lot with dealing with my anxiety. my future is uncertain, i've accepted it and lately i've been even rejoicing in it. 

it's strange to think i'll stop working on trincar uvas jewelry so i've been postponing the day i will close my shop to the very last minute. it's a bag of mixed feelings - on one side it's difficult to stop because i love doing it so much and it's been growing and reaching more and more people; on another side i look forward to liberating my creativity to other mediums and challenging myself in new ways. i also love the idea of learning new techniques along the way and having the time to explore them. of course i am bringing with me a box of supplies (mostly for embroidery) so i'll keep creating in some shape or form!

so for now one more month of working and then two months of saying goodbye to our families and friends. there will be so much to share!

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