solitude and imagination

21 January 2017

I have always enjoyed being alone. Being with myself never felt lonely but calm and simple. Today I woke up and went for a walk in a little park close by. Taking my time to look around for beauty. Releasing my thoughts and my mind. 

Then, after finding the first flowers growing through the ice, I imagined I was about 20 centimeters tall. What would it be like to go through these forests of dead leaves, fallen branches and hidden flowers?

two days in milano

16 January 2017

A belated birthday present brought us to Milano. A surprise weekend trip to a city I never thought much of...

And how good is to have no expectations? I enjoyed Milano quite a lot!

Mostly we wandered, admired the architecture and watched life go by in this very stylish city. 

Yes, this style is not my style and represents a luxury I do not agree with, but from an outsider point of view it was quite interesting to watch so many impeccable tailored suits and big fur jackets. In two short days I saw a city that loves to look good. 

That was the surface, I wonder what lies beneath..

a new star . um novo começo

2 January 2017

It’s been 4 years since i wrote in this blog. I created it 9 years ago to share myself with friends and family when I moved to the Netherlands. After this one, I started another blog in another platform for one or two years.. that one got lost somewhere in the world wide web.

It's nice (and also a bit weird) to read what I wrote then.. Coming to a new country, missing the sun, wanting more of my life. And also falling in love.

I still miss the sun but now I'm slowly starting to say goodbye to the Netherlands. My life has a new direction and our love is stronger then ever.

I do want to share again myself and reflect in words and in images what I see, feel and think.

So I have decided to start again. A little journal of myself.

Welcome back!


Já passaram quatro anos desde que escrevi neste blog. Criei-o na altura para partilhar um pouco de mim com amigos e família quando me mudei para a Holanda. Depois deste comecei outro blog noutra plataforma por mais um ou dois anos.. agora esse está perdido na world wide web.

É bom (mas é também esquisito) ler o que escrevi à anos atrás... a vinda para um país novo, saudades do sol, querer mais da vida. E também apaixonar-me.

Ainda tenho saudades do sol mas agora começo aos poucos a despedir-me da Holanda. A minha vida tem um nova direçāo e o nosso amor está mais forte que nunca.

Mas quero voltar a escrever de novo. Partilhar o que vejo, sinto e penso com imagens e palavras. Sejam bem-vindos de volta!

Decidi entāo começar de novo. Um pequeno diário de mim mesma.

Bem-vindos de volta!