Travelling with four

5 August 2018

By the end of our stay in Japan both me & Dorde and Luana & Dennis decided to travel separately from then on. We didn’t have a big fight or anything like that, just slowly realised it was not what we wanted. We lived together for 1 year in preparation for this trip but I guess nothing can prepare you for travelling, living and working together. Of course many feelings arouse from this and it’s quite difficult to put them down. With this decision not only our plans for this trip changed but also for what we are going to do after we return. We had planned after the trip to continue in search of land to build a project together. 
In the end I am happy we came to this conclusion now and not later when we would have so much more invested. I realised that even though I want to be part of a community I do not want to make day to day decisions in community - I find it too draining and I feel it cuts too much on my personal freedom, time and space.
I’m happy we are mature enough to continue to be the best of friends and it’s not like we haven’t seen each other since then. Our paths have crossed many times the last months and it’s always great to see friendly faces along the way. I am sure our lives will continue to be intertwined one way or another.